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          Zhejiang Chuangkai Mechanical & Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd., previously named Hangzhou Chuangke Electronics Co., Ltd. (Tronickey), was founded in March 2003 in Hangzhou, China. In 2004 the company was granted the import and export rights, in 2005 the company was certified according to ISO9001 quality system standards and in 2007 the company was further accredited an EHS certificate. The company mainly provides our customers with high precision CNC machining, high precision laser cutting and stamping (able to produce high precision continuous mold and single process mold) as we as welding, riveting, and assembling services. The company endeavors to provide our customers with the highest efficient machining services. The company has acquired an independent design and manufacturing capacity, and is continuing to improve our technologies. The company is founded on the management principles of "quality first and service oriented" and is strict on product and service quality standards. Our company has been implementing a strict procedural and process management to our entire operations, incl. contract evaluation, design and development, procurement, production, delivery and services, in order to ensure that our products meet or exceed the requirements and expectation of our customers. Owing to the solid supports of our customers, the company's scale has been increasing steadily. In Jan. 2011 the company has invested 30 million RMB in the Daixi Industrial Park, Wuxing town, Huzhou city, Zhejiang province in China for the construction of a new manufacturing facility and in Dec. 2011 the new production facilities went into successful operation, and based on this new production base, our company is able to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers in a new way.
        Add:No:6 Huancheng North RD,Shangqiang Industrial Zone,Daixi Town ,Wuxing District,Huzhou City,Zhejiang Province, China.
        Tel:(+86) 572-3826999 2597255 E-mail:frankmu@chuangkai-china.com
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